Senior Photos

Let’s face it. Senior photos have gotten a bad reputation. Cheesy poses, awkward props… things that you would never want to hit the internet. Coast77 brings a new approach to senior photos!
  1. The shoot is fun.  Music, on-the-fly creativity and great locations.  I recently had a senior tell me after their shoot “yea I thought you’d be an awkward bald guy with a pony tail, but this was actually really fun”.  Hah! I loved that (no offense to pony tails)
  2. Unique.  These won’t look like the cookie cutter shots your school is doing.  You’ll actually want to put these online, but I give you fair warning… they will make the iPhone shots in your feed look bad.
  3. They’ll have some style.  I have been a graphic designer for 25 years so I have an eye for creativity and photo editing that will set you apart.

Here are a few senior sample photos we’ve done!